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January 11, 2017

Hello Time For Tea

Posted on January 11, 2017  •  2 minutes  • 390 words

Its the start of a new year (2017) and its time to be a little bit more proactive and try something new. Well not new this is not 2004 but for me this blog will be a place that I can dump bits of my brain for future reference and may be it be useful to you the reader if you come across it.

It will a be the place to record my adventures in playing around with new technology many focused on infrastructure virtual and physical and in particular big data piplines such as Hadoop spark etc.

In probably post some code snippets like the one below to further document what I have done to work around problem

public void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("Welcome on and all")

Most of my projects that are mostly abandoned but still can be found on github

<img src=",xlarge.1478784656.jpg" alt="An photo of the cable cars in London">

I will also try out trying to write down some of my travel adventures but I am really more of a hermit but when I leave my cosy hovel I do like to take photos of where I have gone. Some of these photos can be found in the gallery, which is just a posh word for where I will be sharing my photo

The final bit to this 3 part hello world is a little bit about me and a apology. I am Engineer of computing, which is what my degree says, its slightly odd but it fits me. I may do a post on this a some point . I am a heavy introverted person so don’t expect many posts and I do have a tenancy to delete things like this. I also have dyslexia which I never use as a excuse but I find that anything that come out of my head is generally very incoherent and take a lot of effort to make flow and be understandable. Also it be the main reason that the gamma and spelling is probably a atrocious, so please bare with me I keep trying to improve but I never will win any writing competition.

If you are still here after all that then well done and join me in having another cup of tea. (well my 4th and it is not even lunch time yet)

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